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Our systems are well planned out to reduce both water consumption and unnecessary sprinkler heads. 

Did You Know?

Every ATB IRRIGATION system is not only designed to provide consistent, even moisture distribution while conserving water, but also to meet the unique irrigation requirements of the property. You can be confident we'll install your system with care, accuracy and efficiency, giving full consideration to water pressure, terrain elevations, sunny and shaded areas, the plant types and sizes, trees, fences and other present or future structures. 

Sprinkler Installation Services

Our systems are professionally designed. We use only commercial parts and we use head-to-head coverage. This simply means that we use enough heads to efficiently irrigate your property, not just a head over here and another way over there.
We price our jobs by the number of zones (watering stations), not by the hour. Our rates will vary slightly depending on the difficulty of your landscaping (e.g. boring under sidewalks, concrete walls, drilling past and cutting through large tree roots, etc).
Most yards are about 4 to 7 zones . We design your system to ensure complete coverage by overlapping areas in order to prevent dry spots. Your system is custom designed in order to fit your particular needs and lawn shape. The goal of a well-designed system is to simulate a light rainfall.
In order to do that there needs to be even irrigation. This is where head-head coverage comes into play. This is the key to a good design. Without a good design, you will have dry spots. Some areas will be too wet, and others too dry.
Basically we are performing "surgery" on your lawn. However with the care we take in cutting the sod, your yard will quickly recover and be green and full in a very short period of time.
We use only the highest quality parts in your system, which allows us to stand behind our work. Our installations generally take about two days. We won't start yours and then leave and go and start another.
We give 100% attention to the installation of your system. There are times when we get a good rain shower while we are working on an installation. It is at these times that we do not finish in two to three days Once the ground absorbs the water, then we continue the job.Upon completion we do a total walk-through with you and show you how to operate your timer and all  shut-off valves. A list of zones is supplied to you with suggested watering times as well as your warranty.No matter how big or small the customer, each receives the same time, care and dedication from our team. We're committed to your satisfaction. We encourage our customers, at any time during process, to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. 

WARRANTY- We gaurantee  our work for five years  parts and labour.


What happens now?

From your first phone call to our office, you will see the time, care and dedication we put into servicing our customers. If it's an estimate that you need, an appointment will be made with our knowledgeable staff.Our first step is to visit your property and discuss the parameters of your project.
At this point, our main goal is to learn about your objectives, address concerns, answer any questions you might have, and begin to formulate specific design requirements for your particular irrigation system. We make sure that all systems are installed with the needs of the customer as their first priority. We will discuss the areas to be covered and the areas not to be included, once we are given the opportunity, the install process begins.

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